Micro solenoid valves from Koganei

Micro solenoid valves from Koganei
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Koganei USA’s 005 series micro three-port solenoid valve is the world’s smallest direct acting valve, say Koganei representatives. The tiny and lightweight valves are perfect for compact devices and equipment used in bio-tech, analytical, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Two styles available with either connector or pin types of wiring specifications. They can be mounted in two orientations — base piping or split type manifold — to match piping direction. The Split-Type manifold allows users to make changes to an overall manifold assembly quickly and efficiently.

These compact designs have extremely low power consumption of only a half-Watt of power, and are rated for 10 million continuous life cycles. They are also very efficient, with a low-leakage design.

The micro design means a greatly reduced overall footprint. And integral barbed ports allow users to easily replace or add valves. A new release of this product is available as inline direct mounted. An aluminum block manifold is also now available. And finally, positive or negative common wiring is available with the option for a DC 12 volt coil.

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