ESUY Mickey Mouse Standard Cylinder

ESUY Mickey Mouse Standard Cylinder
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Mã sản phẩm: ESUY Mickey Mouse Standard Cylinder
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▲Using TEFLON material bushing,lubrication is not required.
▲Adjustable cushion is in the front and end cover for shock resistance.
▲High Temperature type cylinder is optional.The special seals will be adopted to be suitable up to 150℃
▲All kinds of accessories are available.
▲Sensor could be used for position the magnetic type cylinder.The magnetic cylinder si option for using with swich sensors.
▲Fit for high-speed motion(V≥1m/s) low frictional coefficient,low starting messure、goodsealing & compeasation、high rigidity.


▲For order of the ISO standard double acting(tie-rod) TC fixed pattern cylinder cylinder which the inner diameter is 50mm,the stroke is 50mm,the magnetic ring is attached to,the correct order code is:ESUY-50×50-25-S-TC









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