ESSA Compact Cylinder(Pre-Retracted-Out)

ESSA Compact Cylinder(Pre-Retracted-Out)
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Mã sản phẩm: ESSA Compact Cylinder(Pre-Retracted-Out)
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▲On condition of preserving the motive accuracy and products viability,its full length is only 1/2~1/3.of the ordinary cylinders.
▲It uses the embedded mounting method and fulfills the requirement of space -saving with no need for any fitings.
▲It utilizes the easy assemble means for its design which is convenient for the assembles,removal,repair and maintenance.
▲It leaves in advance an assembly slot in the cylindrical ex-circle in order to make it extremely simple for installing,adjusting the position of the reed switch.


▲For order of the double acting pre-retracted-out compact cylinder which the inner diameter is 32mm,the stroke is 20mm,the magnetic ring is attached to,the pistion rod has external screw thread ,the correct order code is:ESSAS-32×20-B









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